Tennoji, Okinawa

One of the 3 major Ryukyuan royal family temple and the man made lotus pond opposite.

Although the pond survived the war, it was later filled with debris from the nearby damaged Engakuji. It was said that wells in Shuri then overflowed.

Front gate modeled after Shinkinaen’s and I notice buildings can look rather box-like coz they open from inside.

At one point many of Tennoji’s properties were transferred to Engakuji and only the Abbot’s housing remained. The temple grounds was later converted to schools and a Methodist church also built there. The original buildings were lost during the war in 1945.

Past + Present: Current ruins and old photo
Remaining of Tennoji’s stone wall is right in front of the Church.

For the lotus pond, a 17th Century map here and some information at where it used to be.


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