Engakuji, Okinawa

I have a strange and interesting story with this place. The first time I was here, I looked over the ruins and cried. I thought I was just sad to see something so important damaged by the war. And then, I cried every time when I got back that same spot. Even on the night... Continue Reading →

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Nakagusuku Udun’s Main Gate

Nakagusuku Udun (中城御殿: Not to be confused with Nakagusuku Castle, 中城城. Which I did!) was the mansion of the Ryukyu Crown Prince and interestingly enough, it does have a lot of fancier designs. First up, the stone wall around. Notice that at the sides there are two large straight stones that has their tips popped above... Continue Reading →


Now a public park, a group of boys were playing soccer beside me when I was there. (Click to read more~)

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