Engakuji, Okinawa

I have a strange and interesting story with this place. The first time I was here, I looked over the ruins and cried. I thought I was just sad to see something so important damaged by the war. And then, I cried every time when I got back that same spot. Even on the night... Continue Reading →

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Haitai everyone! How has your 2017 been?? ❤ It is gonna be 2018 soon. SoooooOOoOOOoooo thankful to went back to Okinawa this year. Thank you, thank you and thank thank you. ❤ It is amazing!! I actually met a Ryukyu fan on IG some weeks back. He was telling me about ancient Ryukyuan religion and... Continue Reading →

Itokazu Castle

Itokazu Castle was built on a lime stone hill and it seems like parts of their walls were of natural large rocks. Also, the main gate has really regular rocks, which suggests that by then the Ryukyuans already started making arched doorways. This is followed after the gates at Shuri Castle though. And this begs... Continue Reading →

Nakagusuku Udun’s Main Hall

I read that when the Nakagusuku Udun get restored, the autorities planned to use it as a community place, this immediately reminds me of the little resting place along Kinjo Cho, it is named 金城村屋 on Google Map. I saw a couple in traditional Ryukyuan wedding wear having a photoshoot the last time I was there. (Click photo to read more~)

Nakagusuku Udun’s Main Gate

Nakagusuku Udun (中城御殿: Not to be confused with Nakagusuku Castle, 中城城. Which I did!) was the mansion of the Ryukyu Crown Prince and interestingly enough, it does have a lot of fancier designs. First up, the stone wall around. Notice that at the sides there are two large straight stones that has their tips popped above... Continue Reading →

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